Advertising in the Dorchester Benefice Magazine

We have a regular circulation to members of all the Anglican Churches, on a subscription basis. The magazine is also sold in some Dorchester shops. It is made available in surgeries, professional offices where the public wait, the tourist office, and local radio. The print run every month is around 750 copies.

The magazine comes out on the 1st of each month, except January and August (10 issues a year) and is an excellent way of reaching potential customers. By its nature it remains current for the whole month, and is referred to regularly by its readers. It is therefore economic to advertise when compared to some other publications.

Advertisements come in three sizes:

  • STANDARD: 6.5 cms vertical by 6.0 cms horizontal. Cost: £50 p.a. or £5 per single issue.
  • QUARTER: 13.0 cms vertical by 9.0 cms horizontal Cost: £110 p.a. or £15 per single issue.
  • HALF: 13.0 cms vertical by 17.0 cms horizontal. Cost: £210 p.a. or £25 per single issue.

When available, spaces on the back cover can be taken, with a £10 premium per quarter page. Single issue advertisements are available at a slightly increased cost.

If possible, provide your wording and artwork READY. Approved formats are “image” formats ( PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP). We can sometimes format simple advertisements for you if needed. If you need this or if the format is not one of the ones approved, there is a charge normally of £10 in addition.

All advertisements are printed in black and white,and must be received by 12th of the month. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement if not in keeping with the content of the magazine. Please make cheques payable to "DORCHESTER PCC".

To book space, and also for free listing of church, charity, voluntary or amateur events, contact the Editor and Advertising Manager, Margaret Morrissey.