Contemplative Prayer Group

An invitation to ‘come and be’ with others in the stillness, silence and simplicity of contemplative prayer.

Our busy lives with its constant activities and demands often leaves us longing for a breathing space, for a little time to ourselves, where we can touch and be aware of a deeper self which brings some balance and harmony to our lives and a greater awareness of the Spirit who lives in our hearts through love.

To live more deeply out of this reality, we need stillness and silence allowing us to be attentive to the many changes that flow through our lives, mindful of the divine presence at the centre of our being. Our practice of meditation gradually helps us to respond to our everyday lives with greater calmness, insight and understanding.

Our Christian Meditation follows a long and well-established tradition of contemplative prayer in the Christian Church and is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation which is led by the Benedictine monk, Fr Laurence Freeman. It is an ecumenical community which welcomes people of all traditions.

Our Meditation groups meet every Wednesday at 5pm in the Chapel at St Mary’s Church, Edward Rd, Dorchester & also on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 7.30pm at the Quiet Space, Poundbury. All are welcome.